“Mt. Airy and their dedicated teachers are The Best!  The combination of academics, art, language, music, and fun imbues the children with a love of learning that will stay with them throughout life.  My older son is now an Honor student in middle school and my younger is raring to go.  As they say in Denmark; a good beginning takes you half the way to perfection.  You couldn’t ask for a better beginning than the one they give the children at Mt. Airy.”

Jeannie & Doug Parker (parents)

“Absolutely brilliant, dedicated staff. During the Coronavirus shutdowns, Mrs. Feller and the entire team have created hours of online content each day, with a clear curriculum and follow-up activities. In normal circumstances, our 2 1/2-year-old loved walking up the colorful steps to school each day. She has learned so many self-help skills, plus numbers and some letters and the list goes on. Really caring team and a safe space with a diverse community. Plus nature walks!”

Chris Schuster (parent)

“[It is] Teacher appreciation week. Been following your programs and Mt Airy Nursery School for a number of years but want to personally tell you that what you have done for our youth is just outstanding and appreciated by all of us.
The programs are amazing, educational, knowledgeable, for our children (and adults). I know I have learned many things that I never new existed. Again, I just wanted to personally thank you and your staff for the fantastic job in educating our children. ❤️👍👍👍❤️.” (Sent during the Coronavirus shut down.)

Herb Wienkoop (Grandparent)

“We came to Mt. Airy looking for a “bridge year” between nursery school and K as my son has a late birthday.  He thrived and became more confident in all areas – reading, writing, foreign languages.  He loved all the extras like gym, art, dance.  We couldn’t have been happier with his experiences.  I only wish we had sent our older son as well!”

Ann Sheridan (parent)

“The Mt. Airy Nursery School is wonderful.  The school is filled with purposeful, meaningful activities that are both educational and fun for the children.  The structure and routine of the school allowed the children to engage in activities with independence because they have a full understanding of what is expected of them.  The environment allows the children to rise to the level of expectation and reach their full potential.  Mrs. Feller knows each child; such an amazing knowledge of their strengths as well as their challenges… She is an amazing, incredible advocate for children… My daughter graduated from Mt. Airy.  She loved the school and she was extremely prepared for kindergarten.  My son is currently enrolled in Mt. Airy.  He has become more independent and has just blossomed under the care and guidance of the fantastic teachers at Mt. Airy.”

Jessica Knopke (Parent and Occupational Therapist)

“Mt. Airy teachers were able to understand my son and [be] aware of his needs… Other than teaching my son reading, writing, and counting… there [were] a variety of subjects such as science, art, music, etc.  All were taught in a fun manner.  My son was happy as he explained what he had learned.  My only regret is that we didn’t come to Mt. Airy sooner.  Thank you Mt. Airy for preparing my son for kindergarten beyond my expectations.”

Nancy Tucci (parent)

“Our daughter flourished at Mt. Airy.  Her time there was instrumental in building her confidence and instilling a love of learning.  Mt. Airy challenged her and as a result, she was able to grow both academically and socially and enter kindergarten very well prepared.  Our younger daughter now attends Mt. Airy and, while a very different personailty than her sister, is excelling both socially and academically.  She is excited every day for school!”

Eric Calhoun (parent)

“My husband and I wanted a preschool that exhibited diversity, developmentally appropriate academic instruction, social emotional development/learning, literacy development, student centered learning, and development of pre-mathematics skills.  Mt. Airy was the program that offered all of this along with providing a good balance of structure, opportunities for students to learn through play, make choices, as well as engage in small and larger groups. . . Mt. Airy has allowed my son to develop independence and confidence both socially and academically in a safe, clean, secure, and nurturing environment.  My son has been provided with a lifetime foundation of learning from this school and I couldn’t ask for more being both a parent and an occupational therapist.”

Jessica VanValkenburg (Parent & Occupational Therapist servicing many Westchester preschools)

“Karli joined Mt. Airy at four years old.  It was the best decision I made.  In just a year Karli learned an incredible amount. . . her knowledge grew as well as her self confidence.  She says her “brains are growing.”  I also learned that two’s, three’s, and fours could all learn together, yet still at different levels.  The teachers there paid attention to Karli’s whole person, including her emotions.  She enjoyed learning to learn!”

Kim McGilvray (parent)

“Mt. Airy is a unique school run by qualified, talented, engaging professionals.  As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I feel welcome each time I visit.  Constructive conversations about how to best support student development are ongoing.  It’s an exceptional place to learn and have fun!”

Margaret Ferris, M.S., CCC-SLP

“I can’t say enough about Mrs. Feller and her staff at Mt. Airy.  The love, concern, and compassion that they showed my daughter, Abby, I will never forget.  Abby walked into Mt. Airy a shy little girl and graduated as a compassionate helper to the younger children and a very outspoken little girl who couldn’t wait to help and volunteer.  Mt. Airy was an absolutely wonderful experience for my Abby but also for her father and I.  Thank you for all you have done.”

Joy Snyder (parent)

“Two of my children attended Mt. Airy.  The benefit of this educational program is not just in how well it prepared them for kindergarten and beyond, but the nature in which it nurtured them, fostered self-esteem, and created strong social bonds.  You can’t find a better caring, dedicated, and experienced staff.  We still go back and visit!”

Lisa Gougelmann (parent)

“It was fun.  I was learning stuff and I didn’t even realize I was learning because it was so much fun.”

Lea Klock (Class of ’01)

“You work so wonderfully with the children in so many aspects, and we see it benefiting [our sons] as they have transitioned into another phase of their education.  Thank you so much for contributing such a solid foundation of social and educational skills that gave Aiden and Logan the confidence to continue building upon them.  That is exactly what we hoped for when we chose a pre-school for our children.”

Tracy Breneman-Pennas (parent)

“We were new to the area and started asking neighbors for preschool recommendations.  Mt. Airy kept popping up. . . This preschool is all that we could have hoped for and more.  The quality of its educators is bar none – the best in this area. . . Mt. Airy offers so much and has such a well-rounded approach to education. . . Academically and socially [our son] flourished under the safe umbrella that Mt. Airy provided him with.”

Patricia Lally-Cahan (parent)

“I met my first friend there.  The teachers always made learning fun.  There was lots of time to play, too.”

Rose Martin (Class of ’05)

“I was so apprehensive about where to send Logan – she was my first!  Mt. Airy knew exactly how to deal with each personality type.  They made sure that each child aclimated, thrived, and succeeded.  I could not imagine [sending my children to] another preschool.”

Nisha Gougelmann (parent)

“My daughter, Caleigh, attended Mt. Airy Nursery School’s 3 year old and 4 year old programs.  She entered preschool as a shy, tentative child and emerged a confident, more open one!  Mt. Airy provided a safe, nurturing educational environment that helped to positively shape Caleigh as a student.  I attribute her academic and social success in kindergarten to the foundation that began and was nurtured at Mt. Airy.  The teachers took the time to get to know her as an individual child and student and helped her to develop basic skills, a love of learning, and a positive feeling toward school in general!  Each day, she was happy and excited to go to school!”

Lisa & Sean Coen (parents)

“Our family’s five years at Mount Airy was always above and beyond what we expected from a preschool.  The well-structured and nurturing environment provided an excellent foundation for learning as well as a seamless transition to elementary school.  The teachers at Mount Airy bring a wealth of experience (dance, art, music, French, Japanese!) and all are genuinely interested in the well-being and enrichment of every child.”

Alice Lu & Robin Smith (parents)

“The teachers were nice and it was fun!  I loved going there!”

Callie Pidoriano (Class of ’07)

“We feel that Mt. Airy was an extremely positive experience for our son.  He grew socially and academically during his year at Mt. Airy and most importantly now approaches life with significantly less reservation.  Mt. Airy does an excellent job of building the foundation for successful learning: Confidence and Enthusiasm.”

Marcie & Damien Buono (parents)

“I think the teachers are nice, very nice!”

Lucas Buono (Class of ’10)

“What can I say?  I kept having children because I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Mt. Airy for good!  All of my kids were given a strong and solid foundation and are now excellent students (even at Boston College).  I was always amazed at how much my children learned and how much they loved learning at Mt. Airy.”

Cara Sax (parent)

“Mt. Airy Nursery School was a wonderful preschool for my son Matthew.  During Matthew’s two years at Mt. Airy he developed both socially and emotionally.  The skills Matthew attained at Mt. Airy enabled him to be a “high literacy” reader in his kindergarten class.  The transition into kindergarten was a very smooth and easy one for Matthew.  I would highly recommend Mt. Airy Nursery to any family with preschool age children.”

Margaret Cuzzi (parent)

“I am a special education teacher who has had the privilege to work with one of your children in your school this year.  I . . . have been working with children with disabilities from birth to five years old for the past twenty years.  I have to tell you that this is by far one of the best preschools I have ever seen. . . You offer challenging activities that encourage the children to grow and discover.  The children seem to enjoy all of the activities and enjoy learning. . . The children learn to interact appropriately with each other as well as adults.  They are learning proper manners and social skills.  They are also learning their shapes, colors, numbers, and letters as well as a variety of other activities.  I feel you have a great curriculum and would highly recommend your school to any parent.”

Elaine Isenburg, SEIT