Josette VanTassel

  • Head Teacher

  • Teacher for 2 year olds
  • Dance & Movement Teacher

Josette VanTassel is our dance/movement enrichment instructor. She is a lifelong resident of Cortlandt and has been teaching at Mt. Airy for over twenty years in a variety of roles. Ms. VanTassel started dancing when she was four years old and continued studying dance until she was eighteen. She did coursework in dance movement and choreography at SUNY Purchase and also studied with the famous Broadway dancer/choreographer Wayne Cilento. In addition to teaching at Mt. Airy, Ms. VanTassel has been running a pre-k dance class at a local afterschool program and teaching at a local dance school for over fifteen years. Ms. VanTassel was a co-founder and president of the Hendrick Hudson Special Education PTA and continues to be a passionate voice for the rights of special needs students in the district. Ms. VanTassel’s daughter was a Mt. Airy graduate. At home, Ms. VanTassel occasionally has to remind her family not to take in any more cats or their five cats will officially become a clowder!