Mt. Airy staff members are unique women who have talents in a variety of areas.  The common characteristic among the Mt. Airy staff is that we each became teachers because of a love of children and a desire to instill in our students our personal excitement about learning.  We share the belief that each child is a unique and capable learner.  We see our role as inspiring children to discover their own strengths and become confident, happy, and successful students.

Mt. Airy Nursery School is proud of our talented, caring, exemplary staff.  Most of our staff members have been with us for at least five years.  Some have been with Mt. Airy for over twenty.  In all, we add up to almost 100 years of combined experience in classroom teaching!  Mt. Airy maintains a very low student to teacher ratio of roughly 6:1.  We have licensed, certified head teachers in the room at all times and all Mt. Airy staff are all required to be CPR & First Aid certified.  We hold monthly staff development meetings to ensure that we continue to grow and improve as teachers and as a program.

Mt. Airy teachers are all mothers with children ranging from toddlers to adults.  We are empathetic to the needs of our families and work in partnership with our parents to help make every child’s preschool experience the best that it can be.  While most of our students are developmentally typical, as teachers we have a variety of professional and personal experience with children who range from gifted to special needs and we are able to help parents navigate both the district and county special education systems should that be needed.